Whether you have only been in the workforce for a few years or you’re knocking on the door of retirement, it is vital that you ensure that your superannuation is managed properly. Your superannuation fund is a key pillar of your retirement strategy and it’s more important than ever, particularly now that there’s speculation that the government may not even supply a pension in the decades to come.

Considering that this nest egg is so critically important to your financial security, amazingly, the chances are you don’t even know what you are invested in. Fees and charges associated with your managed fund can wind up consuming the lion’s share of profits made by your investments and you may find the only reason your fund is growing is because you are making personal contributions.

This is especially relevant if, because of multiple employment changes, you find yourself with 2 or more funds and paying for 2 or more sets of fees and insurances. You could consolidate your funds, select a fund that is right for you or even oversee your own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

With our help, you can take more control over the way your superannuation is invested. Let us review your superannuation and ensure that you are invested in accordance with a strategy that fits your needs, whilst having the right protections in place that will cover you and your family.



With constant changes in superannuation legislation and speculation of the future of government funded pensions, you really need to look at self-funding your own retirement.



There are so many different investment strategies out there when it comes to superannuation. Let us assess which strategy is right for you and your family.



More and more Australians are looking at taking greater control over their own super. We can look into your super and see if a self-managed super fund is right for you.



Nobody likes to think about dying but if you have a family, you really need to make sure that they are going to have the right financial support in case the worst happens.



With all the financial commitments you have in place, it is so important that you have the right cover in the event that you can’t work for whatever reason.



You might find that you have super funds all over the place, with each one eating up your hard-earned money in fees and charges. Let us help you roll them all over in the best fund for you.